Last Updated: 12/26/2018 8:43 PM

This year's iCAP students recently launched a project titled “Insurance Assurance”. Local insurance agents Michelle Mooney and Blaine Dennis from Purmort Brothers shared the entry event to get the project started. Students began by learning how the auto insurance industry sets rates based on statistical analysis. 

Students spent the next month collecting and analyzing data in seven safe driving categories as established in an official letter from Purmort Brothers which served as the entry document. The students compared the data collected between teenage drivers and experienced drivers to attempt to persuade Purmort Brothers to re-evaluate the auto insurance rates set by the company in order to lower premiums on teenage drivers.  Students concentrated on motion and forces, including Newton’s Laws of Motion, in physical science, meeting Ohio’s Standards. The algebra focus was on sampling methods, statistical analysis, using measures of central tendency, establishing linear functions, and graphing equations which were used to prove why rates should be reassessed for the teen demographic in their analysis.  All these concepts were presented to the facilitators and an insurance agent following the steps of the scientific method at the conclusion of the project.